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Breasts have been an important topic of discussion since ancient times in various contexts. Many cultures have a great importance as breast is a place which makes a baby healthier by feeding milk and which also creates identity for woman. As the saying goes, it is impossible to please a woman. The breast is just such an example. The shape and size of the breasts will produce a momentous effect on most of the woman’s psyche if a deviation occurs in her opinion or in the opinion of others.

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Breast enhancement, breast augmentation procedures should be conducted under professional supervision. Plastic Surgery Singapore.
As a result of the growing awareness, exposure to the modern world by women, women are taking steps to changing their form and proportion to achieve a better body image. This is not surprising, while also considering the increasingly wide range of minimally invasive procedures available. These options allow women to enhance their figure without having to go under the knife. In addition, due to increased experience and the development of safer implants, more and more women are opting for breast implant surgery.

However, there are certain guidelines and precautions that are taken in to account before opting any kind of breast surgeries to reduce Implant Complications. Most commonly, breast enlargement surgeries should be done by the women who will not plan to get pregnant any-more as it may negatively effect on breast feeding and volume changes etc., and has exceeded the age of 18 years, after the mammary glands are fully developed. At the same time, implants do not influence the pregnancy in any way and they will not expose the foetus to any danger. It should also be noted that a number of patients were able to breast-feed normally after a breast augmentation. Negative effect is noticed in fewer women due to insufficient lactation.

Breast Enlargement in Singapore is also rapidly growing as there are many specialized Doctors available in Singapore for various Cosmo Surgeries. Refer our Making Choice page to learn about how to choose a Breast Enlargement Surgeon in Singapore.

Techniques for breast augmentation can be divided into:

  1. Minimally invasive procedures
  2. Implant based procedures
  3. Breast Lift / Mastopexy

There are also various Breast Implant Types and techniques that are available in Singapore. Most of these surgeries do not consume much time and can be done in one-two days depending on the physical conditions of the candidate.

Contact us now to know more about the breast enlargement, where to go for breast enlargement surgery in Singapore etc.

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